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 Our Story

Father (Mark – 65) and Joey (Son – 24) have enjoyed many years travelling together throughout America and living in many cities in Canada and the USA. Visiting racetracks has always been a passion. Mark and Joey have enjoyed the sport just as much. We have done many activities promoting the Sport of Horse Racing, including our Podcast, for a couple of years, but our passion has landed us with Fans of Horse Racing. Over one year old, the company has become well known for its effort to cut through the negative and find all the positive stories about Horse Racing.

We have also felt for many years that the horses receive more credit than deserved by the fans of the sport and that humans deserve more recognition for their efforts in making the sport great. We scour the internet and other media outlets for stories about the great people in Horse Racing and accumulate them into one location for the Fans of Horse Racing.

We are also huge proponents that wagering on Horse Racing should be the same as purchasing a ticket to any other sporting event. We hate that Horse Racing is considered gambling like a slot machine. Over 80% of the racetracks have no entrance fee and no parking fees, allowing fans to enjoy a day of wagering and getting the entertainment value of Horse Racing. We understand that every activity in life has people who negatively treat a sport, but we should use positivity to move these people out of the sport, not try to end the sport. The proper treatment of horses is a goal of horse racing North American wide, but having owned racehorses for over 40 years, we can tell you that in 95% of the cases, horses are treated with great respect and loved by everyone working with them.

We are passionate about racial diversity and inclusion in the sport and focus on the many people who have made our sport better through a harmonious working environment together, no matter the person’s race. Everything we do is to present a positive outlook for the Fans of Horse Racing, and we hope you enjoy it.

We love attending the races live and have visited many local racetracks in many cities through our travel and where we have lived.

Ontario Canada – Woodbine@Mohawk Park – Woodbine – Fort Erie – Grand River – Flamboro – Western Fair The Raceway – Georgian Downs – Kawartha Downs – Rideau Carleton – Windsor Racetrack – Ajax Downs

Alberta Canada – Calgary Stampede Park – Edmonton Northlands Park

British Columbia – Hastings Park

Washington State – Emerald Downs

California – Golden Gate Fields

Louisiana – Delta Downs – Fairgrounds

Maryland – Laurel Park

Florida – Gulfstream – Tampa Bay – Pompano

Pennsylvania – Mohegan Sun Pocono’s – Presque Isle Downs

West Virginia – Mountaineer

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