Hi, I’m Anthony, co-founder of TheStable.ca

My wife Amy and I created TheStable.ca in 2015.

I’ve driven 24,000+ horses over the past 20 years.

Training and racing horses and raising a family was all I’d ever wanted.

When we created TheStable.ca, we were innovating for survival.

We had no idea it would grow so quickly and touch so many lives.

Our origin story has many twists and turns

, including an upheaval of the horse racing industry, many sleepless nights for our family,

an unexpected foray into local politics, a spark that ignited an enterprise, and the resulting phenomenon: TheStable.ca

TheStable.ca is not the first fractional horse racing stable ever created, but if you’re looking for an experience that guarantees entertainment,

it’s the best.

That’s because our fractional ownership model is designed to deliver a unique,

fun and engaging experience

in an easy and affordable format that allows you to buy as little as 1% of a racehorse and

experience 100% of the thrill.

You might make money, but if that’s your primary motivation, we’re not for you.

If you want to have some

skin in the game,

cheerlead a young horse into their career,

make amazing memories and new friends,

feel the journey deep in your bones, fast in your heart,
and boldly in your imagination

…well then, you’ve landed in the right place.

If this is you,

pick a horse

and join our community of 700+
amazing clients from 11 countries who

own a little and love it a lot.



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