Saratoga Racetrack is the Summer place to be.

If you like thrilling highs and excitement, you have to visit Saratoga Racetrack in Saratoga, New York. It provides all that and more (even a family zone where kids can play) and pretends to be a horse or pretend to ride one.

When you walk in no matter what entrance you go to there is a couple of people selling programs big and small ones and even lucky pens as they call them.

They even have a map so you can see everything there is to see at this historic racetrack. From food to the kid zone to the actual horse track, there is something for everyone here.

The Track and Viewing Area is 2nd to None

Throughout the track, there are paintings and designs of racing and horses along most railings; this is a wrought iron work overlooking the general admission area

The Saratoga Family Zone

The kid zone is located to the right of gate A if you are already on the track and is a great way to let your kid have fun while in a gated and security monitored area. They get to run off some of that non-stop energy that they all have.

The best thing about this area is they have a miniature starting gate where the kids can get in and pretend to be off and race around the padded colored track to victory.

In the training corral inside the play area, they had springy miniature horses you can ride on. Even as an adult they are fun. SEE!

ForTheyve, a huge white Adirondack Chair for a great photo opportunity, sit in and take a great photo of your kids or whole family.

The Discovery Paddock

This is a great little area where kid jockey can learn all about being a jockey, different parts of a horse, color a picture , and even get their official weigh-in for race time!

Want amazing and a vast array of different food? Look no further than this magical racetrack.

The food here always amazes me they have almost everything you could ask for from a Mac and cheese truck that had delicious Mac and cheese bowls.

You can make your own topping for a popcorn cart, a wood-fired pizza tent, and the track staple tenders and fries. (They make an excellent chicken tender.)

There are a couple of places to get some great ice cream for the kiddos and even gluten-free people. Ben & Jerry’s, of course, and then a little truck called TLC’s Polish ice Cream truck (featuring no dairy, no gluten, and no fat soft serve ice cream and other treats.

For all you Steak Shack lovers. There is one right outside the clubhouse gate, along with a great Taqueria.

But Best of all is Hattie’s, Chicken Shack. This fried chicken is so juicy and delicious that it even beat out Bobby Flay’s in a Food Tv competition Throwdown with Bobby Flay. (Bobby frequents the track)

The Paddock

This is where all the horses gather before the race, and everyone gets a great look at them. We had a VIP pass to go right into the Paddock and almost touch the horses and jockeys. It was truly a magical experience.

The Paddock is such a great place to really get up close and personal with the horses, trainers, and jockeys. Look how determined he is.

The 1863 Club & The Rail

Wow-what an amazing time this place is. They have an open buffet with a carving station, and it is a great air-conditioned place to watch and bet the races. If you can go here, don’t waste it because this is something truly magical.

The view from this place is just awesome. You can even go outside and be right up at the trackside (with fewer people in your way, which is awesome)

Even Burglar Sam makes an appearance almost every day. Check out these videos of him playing various songs. He truly is a magical piece of Saratoga that can never be replaced.

Want the best seats and be able to picnic at the same time?

Then you have to go out back to the picnic table area, which to get a great and perfect spot, you have to arrive before 7 am and wait in line until they open the gates and race to get your perfect spot. Sounds fun, right? I have done it many of times and even if you get there after the gates open at 7am you can still get a decent table.

The Huge Screens at the Picnic Areas.

Is it a truly Magical Place? We sure think so.

With so much to do and so many kid’s activities as well, you can’t not bring the whole family out to this wonderful trip. We have made so many great memories over the year here and hope you will get out there and have some great fun and WIN BIG!

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