Clive Cohen – Photographer

Clive Cohen

Since 1997 I have photographed and managed a staff of photographers dedicated capturing world-class standardbred and quarter horse racing in Southern Ontario. These images appear in newspapers, magazines and websites across North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand.

•Provide digital photography to Woodbine Entertainment Group for all standardbred racing.
•Provide digital photography to QROOI/Ajax Downs for all quarter horse racing
•Maintain an online database of photos for magazines and newspapers to access for editorial and advertising purposes.
•Provide breeders in North America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand with images and videos for use as sales tools.
•Event photography that includes on the spot prints and/or on the spot uploading of images to social media sites. Able to handle volumes in excess of 120 photos taken and printed/uploaded per hour.
•Edit print and frame photos for customers across North America and Europe.

I have also been responsible for photographing banquets, awards dinners, fundraisers & golf tournaments all with the purpose of printing, framing and distributing the photos to clients on the spot as well as posting the images to Facebook.

My early career:
-Photographer for world-class events like the Olympics and the World Series.
-Documentary photographer doing stories such as “AIDS orphans in Albania”, “Life in Ukraine”.
-Staff photographer and page designer at the London Free Press (London, Ontario).

Clive Cohen’s “Training Day” photo was taken on May 27, 2020, the first day of training at Woodbine Mohawk Park after the first COVID-19 shutdown. The image was published on the Woodbine Instagram and Facebook pages. Cohen, the official track photographer at Woodbine Mohawk Park, is a four-time (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018) winner of the Media Excellence Award for photography.

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