Winbak Farm specializes in breeding, raising and selling standardbreds.

Founded in 1991 by Joe and JoAnn Thomson, the flagship farm is located on 2,000+ acres of lush Maryland farmland, with operations extending into Delaware, New York and Canada. The farm is the industry’s largest single family owned and operated breeding farm. Winbak Farm also stands Heston Blue Chip at Nandi Farms in Pennsylvania.

Winbak stallions are outstandingly conformed, major stakes winning horses; and their foals are eligible for their respective breeding programs. A passion for animals, coupled with a commitment to excellence has enabled the farm to become one of the most successful breeding farms in the industry. Winbak’s experienced managers spend 100 percent of their time devoted to their particular specialty. Nutrition is closely studied to ensure proper nourishment. The Winbak team tests hay and forage so that shortcomings can be supplemented, while the seasonal climate allows for sufficient rainfall, which produces rich green pastures. Additionally, Winbak boasts on its aggressive blacksmith and farrier program that assures the growth of powerful horses that are complimented with a foundation of strong feet.

Winbak Farm’s dedication to raising top quality harness horses has earned them Breeder of the Year on three occasions, and three Horse of the Year graduates, among other accolades. A visit to any Winbak Farm location will instantly reveal Winbak’s expertise and commitment to excellence in the Standardbred horse business. With years of successful experience, the Winbak team is available to help in selecting stallions for breeders, or yearlings for trainers and owners.

Winbak Farm – Born to compete…raised to win!

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