Handicapping Angles

A couple of nights ago in a difficult NW1 race, my favorite angle popped up and I was so excited.

In NW1 races they are very hard to handicap with horses not having much experience in these cases angles become way more important than let’s say top-level races. In this case, the angle I was working on was all about the driver, the trainer had driven this horse for his first couple of races but then his latest effort catch driver Trevor Henry hopped on board and finished a career-best 4th.

The night I was on TV and went back to his horse I explained that it was a second-time catch driver and this is so important because now one of the best drivers first wants to drive this horse but now has a better understanding of what this horse is capable of. In the second time catch driver angle you expect the horse to be driven more aggressive and the driver to get the best out of him as we witnessed that night at 9/2 Trevor got the horse closer to the lead and down the stretch when he looked beaten Trevor got the horse to give another gear and they went onto win.

Driver matter experience matters and that is how you can get prices in the NW1 races in Standardbred Racing

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