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Conrad Photography Yarmarie Correa

A scroll through the social-media posts by apprentice jockey Yarmarie L. Correa features win picture after win picture after win picture.

The rookie rider collected 117 of them last year to lead all apprentice jockeys by wins in North America. She had 701 mounts, and they earned a cumulative $1,751,390. Correa also won the riding title at Thistledown.

For her impressive first season on the track, Correa is an Eclipse Award finalist for outstanding apprentice jockey of 2020.

Correa was a consistent performer across the board in 2020. In addition to her win total, she guided her mounts to 90 second-place finishes and 121 third-place finishes for a 46 percent in-the-money record, according to Daily Racing Form statistics.

Correa amassed much of her success at Thistledown. She won 76 races from 409 mounts at the track from June through October, with those horses earning more than $1 million. Correa also had 60 second-place finishes and 70 third-place finishes to help make for a 50 percent in-the-money record at Thistledown.

:: Full list of 2020 Eclipse Awards finalists, including profile stories

One of Correa’s signature horses last year was Cosi Momosi. She won five races on the filly between the meets at Thistledown and Mahoning Valley. At one point, Correa and Cosi Momosi built a three-race win streak, climbing the class ladder from the $5,000 conditioned-claiming ranks to the first-level allowance level. Correa has been the regular rider of Cosi Momosi, a daughter of Fast Anna, for owner and trainer Jason DaCosta.

Another top horse for Correa was allowance winner Golden Money. Correa also guided Golden Money to a third-place finish in the $100,000 Best of Ohio Endurance at Mahoning Valley.

Yarmarie Correa, the first Panamanian “jocketa” in the history of our equestrian, to be nominated for the title of “Apprentice Rider ”, which in the United States is known as Eclipse Awards.

This talented young woman, 27, stated that she has enjoyed sports throughout her life, including soccer and flag football, but commented that she found no way to earn her own income in none of them.

This is the reason why he decided to leave his university degree in Banking and Finance, about to finish, and decided to venture into horse racing, because “they are animals and I like them very much.”

To do this, he had the support of his uncle Eric Correa, and that is how he entered the Technical Academy for the Training of Riders Laffit Pincay Jr., located at the Presidente Remón racetrack, in the Juan Díaz district. Once inside the training center, his interest in horse riding increased, because of the environment that existed and he became much more passionate about the subject of horses.

His incorporation to the academy occurred in March 2018 and on December 7 of the following year, in 2019, he graduated with the highest academic index and apprentice on the track.

You feel good about your accomplishments so far, which have been the product of your dedication, effort, and discipline. He thanked the support he has always received from his parents, his family, God and, above all, those who have believed in his talent.

In the United States it has been officially riding for a year and a month.

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He commented that he feels good, because he has performed satisfactorily “as I have been told.”

“Many people believed in me, because of my talent, in fact, others did not, simply because I was a woman, but I have shown that my condition as a woman has not prevented me from advancing in this profession at all,” said Yarmarie with satisfaction.

During his apprenticeship career, he received two awards: one for statistical leader, which he explained included two three-month seasons and upon completion of one, he started the other from scratch.

In other words, she highlighted that she has been the “jocketa” with the most races won at the racetrack. Thistledown Ohio, with a total of 77 in the two seasons.

Demonstrating their skills and abilities on the track, in the United States. Photo, Yarmarie Correa.

He reported that a maximum of 12 horses per race and a minimum of six participate in these competitions, and the riders come from different parts, especially from Latin America, among other countries, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and, very scarce, from the United States. They are mostly male riders, very few girls.

She attributes her success to the dedication, commitment, discipline, enthusiasm and charisma she has when speaking with the coaches, obviously to God, her family and the riding agent, Carlos Pérez, who was the person who took her to the States. United. He mentioned that he only saw a photograph of her, to discover her potential and talent, that is how she traveled to the United States.

In Panama he participated in the riding of 32 horses and obtained five victories, which earned him his professional recognition. From there he was presented with the opportunity to travel to the United States (although he had to complete a year in competition in that country), he took advantage and managed to capitalize, due to the follow-up to his career that he had been given from the United States. Thus, Mr. Pérez motivated her to move to Ohio, so that she could take advantage of the discharge pounds.

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He recalled that on December 7 he graduated, after winning his first race with the mare Iviz and the fifth race was won on January 4, with the mare Men.

His first ride in the United States took place on January 14, 2020 at the racecourse in Mahoning Valley. That day he came in third grade, with the mare Sassy Sister. But on January 21, he won his first race with the mare Miss International, a date that Yarmarie Correa remembers.

The “jocketa” Correa informed us that she has been nominated for Apprentice Rider in the United States, known as the Eclipse Award and that she feels happy, content, grateful to God and to the two coaches who have supported her since her arrival in Ohio and who have been key people in her learning: Gary Johnson and Jaison DaCosta and their gratitude to Mr. Carlos Pérez.

She acknowledged that her effort has given her the chance to advance in her career by having been nominated for those awards. He noted that the decision will be announced on January 28, the date on which he will celebrate his 28th birthday.

Rides held in Panama, where he takes his first steps in this sport. Photo, Yarmarie Correa.

The nomination, win or lose, represents a lot in your career. He does not know if there is any economic remuneration, but what he does know is that this distinction, if he wins it, can open the doors to other US racetracks.

The nominees, apart from her, are Alexander Crispín, from Puerto Rico, and Luis Cárdenas, from Peru. He expressed that, to win that nomination, it is the reward for effort and dedication to his career as a “jocketa”.

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Yarmarie Correa, completed her primary studies at Belisario Porras schools, in the San Francisco district, and Great Britain, in the Pedregal district, both in Panama City. His secondary studies were attended by the Ovidio De León student centers, in Parque Lefevre, and he graduated from the San Judas Tadeo parochial school, in 2011, with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

He continued his university preparation in Banking and Finance, but did not continue it, to become a “jocketa”.

Her dedication, commitment, strength, skill and responsibility are the keys that have opened up spaces for this young “jocketa”, who triumphed in Panama and now in the United States, to achieve success.

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